Taylor Barnard - Sales Associate at NGU Ipswich.

Taylor Barnard


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Born and raised in Ipswich, Taylor’s roots are firmly intertwined into the community.  Growing up in an environment where both her parents were deeply established in the Real Estate Industry, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of the local market that truly distinguishes her. Whether your aspiration is to vend or procure property within the area, Taylor’s insider insights serve as an invaluable asset. 

With a solid foundation forged over 8 years as a Police Officer, Taylor embodies a genuine passion for empowering others and effecting positive change in their lives, both personally and professionally. Her tenure in law enforcement equips her with exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills for a seamless transition into the realm of Real Estate.  

Taylor’s  principles of transparency, determined work ethic, and unwavering adherence to ethical benchmarks define her as an exemplary agent. Beyond real estate, Taylor is a devoted wife and mother.  Taylor understands the genuine essence of a home – a sentiment she aspires to obtain for each and every one of her clients.

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