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NGU Real Estate business owner and property management specialist Sharon Anderson has converted an enjoyment of buying and selling real estate into a prosperous career.

“My staff and I have at least 1,100 properties under our portfolio,” Sharon said.

My role is to oversee our Property Management Department and ensure our Property Management Team are not only up to date being trained in Legislative and Compliance requirements but also to ensure that they offer a premium service to our clients.

“13 years since I left the public service with my team through the challenges and victories.”

It was eleven years ago that Sharon left her public service position with a drive to learn and lead the real estate industry in her home city.

“I am so passionate about property management,” she said.

“We go one step further for our clients to ensure their properties are secure and safe at all times.

“Knowledge is power and I’m also training my team to ensure our clients receive the best level of service.”

Sharon still receives a buzz from helping others.

“It’s a people-based business and that’s what I love the most,” she said.

“I like to think we are the best and we don’t see our jobs as work. ‘We are taking care of our clients’

investments, their futures.”

Aligning with NGU Real Estate in 2017, Sharon is excited by what her team can continue to deliver for the people of Ipswich and surrounding areas.

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