NGU Selling Tips

So, you have decided now is the time to sell your home, here is some quick tips to get your home ready to sell in the market

1. Finish Projects & Repairs

Before any cleaning or sprucing up can happen make now the time to complete any home improvement projects you have under way as well as making all necessary repairs to your home. The less buyers can pick on the quicker and smoother the sales process will be.

2. Fresh Paint & Carpets

Repainting loud coloured walls or simply re-painting what’s already there allows buyers to focus on the spaces. Many buyers want to see a blank canvas of neutral colours where they can form their own ideas on what they can do. The same goes with carpet, remove any old or worn carpets and replace with nice neutral colours.

3. Clean & Declutter

A spotless home will allow buyers to focus on what they could do with the space rather than picking at dirty areas. Decluttering and cleaning are one of the most important jobs to do plus it makes your move easier by beginning the packing up process now.

4. Street Appeal

First impressions are everything, match the interior to the exterior. Make buyers want to come inside, set the right tone before they even step through the front door. The outdoor space is just as important.


5. Get Advice From An Agent

An agent is the last step that needs to be undertaken to get your house ready for sale. They will be able to give you any insights and tips that may have been missed. They can also give you an up to date appraisal on the property and can also run through the best way to market it to achieve the maximum sale price in the current market today.

Why Sell with NGU?

At NGU Ipswich, our award-winning team never gives up, with innovative social media and marketing strategies that go above and beyond, to ensure your property is seen by the right buyer to get you the best possible sale price, the fastest possible sale, with the least stress.